Brian E. Babarik


Stories create history and the essence of humanity. Storytellers interpret events and reality and put them into emotional context.  I enjoy all forms of storytelling.  Narrative and documentary filmmaking, photography, short stories, sketching, painting and multimedia.  Any medium that can relate an emotion and a perspective is a canvas I love to explore.

This site is a portfolio of work that I have created either by myself or in collaboration with other professional and amateur artists.  For over a decade I have been lucky enough to work with fantastic professionals in film, commercial and television production.  I am a cinematographer, photographer, producer and director by paid trade.  I am an artist by choice and a storyteller by passion.

Traveling the world and capturing the nuances of well-travelled and remote areas grounds me and opens my perspective.  Helping tell other-people's stories through documentaries has allowed me into the intimate moments of strangers.  Writing helps me manifest my experiences and philosophies into creative outlets that I am going to begin sharing in upcoming films.

I currently share my time between Sweden and the United States with a healthy amount of travel along the way.  If you have made it this far thanks and I hope you enjoy my work.




All images in this template are used with permission from the photographer Brian Babarik.  All rights reserved